Joan Rivers Raves About Her New iPhone 6 From The Grave

joanrivers-iphone-instagram-embedPhoto: Via @joanrivers.
Early this morning, Joan Rivers posted an exuberant update about her new iPhone 6 on Instagram and her official Facebook page. TMZ was the first to notice the post, which was quickly taken down. The site also reports that "Steve Jobs could not be reached for comment." Ha, ha, TMZ.
This is most likely a particularly unfortunate pre-scheduled sponsored post snafu. In the innocuous pre-written update, Rivers basically says she's replacing her phone from 2010, which loses battery quickly. She then praises the iPhone for being a "great achievement in design" and a "great product." It's not quite written in Rivers' usual sardonic voice. Otherwise, we'd have to start speculating that maybe she really is posting about her new iPhone from beyond the grave.
After all, who knows? The 6's coverage is supposed to be better than ever. (The Guardian)

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