Hilary Duff Wishes Aaron Carter Would Stop Declaring His Love For Her

hilary-duff-aaron-carter-embedPhotos: REX USA/Toby Zerna / Newspix/Rex; REX USA/Linda Matlow/PixIntl/Rex.
In Nicholas Sparks movies, it's considered incredibly romantic when a man won't stop declaring his love for a woman over and over. Spoiler alert: Real life isn't like a Nicholas Sparks movie. A former flame constantly reminding the world of your erstwhile relationship can be annoying and immature, especially when apparently only one of you has moved on. That's exactly what keeps happening with Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter.
The two famously dated when they were teenagers — over 12 years ago. In 2007, Duff was still being asked for her perspective on their romance. "We are both adults, and whatever happened happened when we were young. It's over," the singer told People.
In the words of Noah Calhoun, though, "It wasn't over. It still isn't over." At least, it isn't for Carter. He's professed his love to Entertainment Tonight, saying: "I don't know who she is today, she doesn't know who I am today, but I would sweep her off her feet if I ever got a chance to again and fix what I did wrong." Carter followed up his declaration with this tweet:
Now, Duff is on tour promoting her forthcoming album, and BuzzFeed is asking the important questions: "Aaron Carter keeps declaring his love for you, how do you feel about it?”
aaron-carter-hduffPhoto: REX USA/PETER BROOKER.
"I was not expecting this question," Duff replies. "He does, I keep seeing that, that he keeps doing that. I don’t know how I feel. I mean, that was so long ago, and obviously I’m still married, and I have a baby and we kind of just… "
"Don't know each other?" the interviewer asks.
"Yeah, don't know each other...so...yeah," Duff answers.
"So, it's just weird," the interviewer continues.
"You said it, not me!" Duff says.
Poor Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff. In the wise words of Boyz II Men, "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" — even when one of you has a song about exactly that. (BuzzFeed)

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