Aww, This Site Thinks People Will Send Nice & Encouraging Anonymous Emails

leak-embed2Photo: Courtesy of Leak.
Leak, the service that lets you send anonymous emails, is officially back online. Ironically, Leak got kicked off its own email server for the exact reason you'd suspect. Namely, people weren't following its guidelines about sending mean-spirited missives.
According to Leak, the service should be used to send anonymous emails with messages like, "I'd like to ask you to go out with me, but I am afraid you'll make fun of me," and "You should wear your hair like that every day." You know, the kind of stuff you would only say while your identity was obscured...not.
Instead, people took the opportunity to send the exact type of emails you'd imagine they would when anonymity is guaranteed. Namely, they were mean. Shocking, right? People are usually so kind on the Internet!
Should you find yourself wanting to send a kind and encouraging anonymous email ("for good, not malice," the box you must check before sending reads), here's the link to Leak. At press time, it's still unclear how we can all relocate to the magical planet Leak's creators seem to live on — the one where everyone is so nice that having one's identity obscured is even more of an incentive to be kind to others. (Business Insider)

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