This Robot Helps You Find Love In The Hopeless Place Called Tinder

There comes a point when using Tinder where the swiper's index finger simply gives out. "Don't make me swipe away another potential lover," it cries, refusing to move another inch. And, it's in that moment the user realizes they might need to slow down. Suitors are out there, but your digits need a break.
There is no rest for Tinder, though. People continue to swipe for love and lust even if one user takes a break. So, does the exhausted owner suck it up and continue on, risking carpel tunnel? No, they get the Tinder-O-Matic, the robot that "likes" profiles. Created by Andrew Sink, the robot is programmed to swipe right every user in a given radius.
"Obviously, the best (and intended) way to use the [Tinder] app is to read someone's profile and see if you share any common interests or hobbies. In the interest of conducting an exhaustively comprehensive search, I built a machine that will tirelessly ‘like’ every single user in a predetermined radius." Sink explained on his website.
At a rate of one like every four seconds, one can essentially approve 900 profiles in an hour. This is, of course, depending on whether there are 900 people to "like" in that hour.
Sink did not explain what to do once you've made so many love connections. Maybe he'll build another robot to handle all those dates? (Sink Hacks)

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