The What & Why Of Fat Injections

There are a ton of things we can do when it comes to anti-aging. We can choose to go the cream route, or get a little more heavy-duty with cosmetic surgery. Then, there's an interesting anti-aging tool that doesn't really count as either. Byrdie has the scoop, so gather 'round, kids: We're talking fat injections.
The procedure is fairly simple. Fat from your abdomen and/or thighs is injected into your face in a non-invasive procedure. While that may sound crazy, it's actually — according to the pros interviewed — a better alternative to fillers. While the latter are typically made from synthetics, regular 'ol fat injections use your own body's fat. And, since your fat is not a foreign (or fake) substance, you're supposedly less prone to allergic reactions, making for a more pleasant experience for all.
Head on over to Byrdie to get the full rundown on fat injections. No matter what side of the debate you fall on, it's worth a read. (Byrdie)

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