Watch Amy Poehler Take Down Male Privilege In Less Than 60 Seconds

amy-poehler-embedPhoto: BEImages/Matt Baron.
Fresh off of stealing the show at the Emmy Awards, Amy Poehler stopped by The Approval Matrix to chat with host Neal Brennan. They talked about a variety of topics, among them SNL and what's cool these days. Now that you mention it, what is cool in 2014?
Brennan doesn't know. "Do girls want actual nerds, or do they want a guy who looks like a nerd?" he asks the audience. He decides to pose the question to Poehler. "Being cool is like, passé, and now you have to be awkward and adorkable." The question is ostensibly about acting or behaving a certain way to be perceived as "cool," but Poehler's answer instead cuts right to the core of the broader issue.
"This feeling that you're having right now, which is like, 'I'm supposed to be all things,' is the feeling that women have every day and have their whole lives." The camera cuts briefly to Brennan, who looks like a child being chastised. (Oh, you didn't realize you'd opened a can of worms, did ya?)
"How can I be cool and tough but also sweet...So, we have to deal with all of those juxtapositions every day, but I'm glad you're finally experiencing it as a white male," Poehler continues. Boom: Served in 60 seconds. This is why she's the best. (BuzzFeed)
Ahead, watch it all go down.

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