Drake & Nicki Minaj Shop For Snacks Together

In a perfect world, Drake picks me up on a Friday night for a date. Where are we going? it doesn't matter, because it's Drake. I just get in the car.
Despite his grandiose lyrics of treating his lady to lobster and shrimp, he knows I'm not looking to get all Hollywood about date night. Instead, we roll up to the local 7-Eleven. He looks at me and says, "Get whatever you want. All you gotta do is point." This is it — the moment I've dreamt of for years. Drake and I are getting some snacks.
I reach for a Greek yogurt, the only healthy option in the store. "No, baby," he says. "How about some Nutella dipsticks?" He knows me so well. We do a lap around the place, making sure we have all the treats we want. I approach the counter to pay for the goods, but he's having none of that. "I got you, boo. Don't worry about it." We ride off into the sunset, Cheetos on the dashboard.
You may think my dreams are unrealistic. That's fine. Just know that this very experience happened to Nicki Minaj while she was taking a break from filming of Usher's new music video for "She Came To Give It To You." Hope remains. (Oh No They Didn't)

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