Let's Make Some Bold VMA Predictions

Photo: REX USA/Erik Pendzich.
If there’s one thing the Video Music Awards have become known for, ever since a gal named Ciccone rolled all over the Radio City stage in 1984 and dropped jaws nationwide, it’s getting people talking. Last year, once again, MTV played our prurience like a violin, and Miley once and for all took a wrecking ball to her old self. It was the rebirth of a young woman into the most refreshingly candid, carefree, daring, and yet, ultimately, kind major pop artist we've seen in a long time.
We’re just days away from the 2014 edition of the show. And, you can bet that longtime executive producers Jesse Ignatovic and Dave Sirulnick and their team have cooked up a moment or two or five that should have tongues wagging and thumbs typing. Bear in mind though, that some of the most memorable occurrences of VMAs past were far from scripted. For every Britney with a snake and Michael Jackson kissing Lisa Marie Presley, there were plenty that MTV surely did not plan — think Kanye’s infamous Taylor Swift bum rush, Krist Novoselic of Nirvana beaning himself with his own bass, or Rage Against the Machine’s Tim Commerford climbing the onstage scaffolding. Whatever surprises are planned are surely known by only a select few. I was as shocked as anyone when MJ and Lisa Marie appeared on stage in 1994, and I worked there. I did know about Madonna, Britney, and Christina’s three-way smooch, but was sworn to secrecy.
Since we know something is gonna unfold on Sunday night, let’s take some wild but educated guesses on what they might be, because we can:

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