James Franco Makes Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea Furious

Last week, we showed you a snippet of James Franco fake interviewing the pop stars Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, and Jason Derulo. The clip was a triple promo: One for next week's VMAs, one for the upcoming Franco/Rogen comedy The Interview, and one for a 20-minute MTV special featuring the two actors as the dimwitted journalists they play in the film. The Interview tracks their CIA-endorsed attempt to assassinate Kim Jong Un, after it's revealed that North Korea's supreme leader is a fan of their show and agrees to sit down for a chat.
MTV aired the special in its entirety over the weekend, and featured more of the same buffoonery from Franco and Rogen. Just about everyone's talking about Nicki Minaj's erm, assets after the release of her "Anaconda" video, and of course Franco couldn't help himself either. "Is it natural or did you have to work on it?” he asks Minaj, followed by "If your ass was a tree, what kind would it be?” Minaj pretends to be perturbed, but she's not, because James Franco is famous and can get away with anything. Also, Iggy explains that Austrian and Australian don't actually happen to be the same thing. Franco, however, agrees to disagree.
Watch MTV's The Interview special in its entirety below.

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