Is Britney Spears Lip-Synching To Sia Tracks During Concerts?

Sound the controversy alarm! Concertgoers are accusing Britney Spears of lip-synching during a live performance. We know: "Shock me, shock me, with your deviant behavior," B. Spears. Not to be extremely cynical, but we're talking about someone who doesn't have the strongest voice to begin with, singing and dancing for hours at a time, multiple times per week. Is anyone of the opinion that Britney Spears doesn't lip synch at least a little during her Piece of Me shows in Vegas?
Why are we writing about this if everyone is in agreement that Spears lip synchs? Well, you'd think she would mouth her own pre-recorded vocals. That would make sense, right? Nope. In a video posted on Instagram, Britney holds the microphone to her mouth to sing "Perfume," but it's Sia's voice that rings out. Sia co-wrote the song, so Britney could be harmonizing with her pre-recorded vocals or using them as a guide. Maybe that's the explanation here.
This isn't the first time Spears' voice has come under fire, though. Earlier this summer, a leaked version of Britney singing "Alien" pre-Auto-Tune made the rounds. It sounds, well, not good. You probably wouldn't pay $1.99 for it on iTunes. The song's producer rushed to Spears' defense, saying she had been warming up while engineers adjusted sound levels, and "whomever put this on the Internet must have done so in a spirit of unkindness."
Listen, anyone going to a Britney Spears concert isn't there to hear Maria Callas-worthy vocal operatics. We go to see Britney because she once wore a nude bodysuit and writhed around like a snake while wearing an actual python around her shoulders. That's what we want out of a Britney Spears show. Anyone looking for a command performance of the Queen of the Night aria should probably look elsewhere. (Digital Spy)

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