Do We Really Need A Sex Toy Glove?

Via YouTube.
Vibrators equipped with endoscopic cameras, teddy bears with clitoris-stimulating noses — the sex toy industry is constantly thinking of new and inventive ways to up the ante. Now, for the carpal-tunnel-stricken (or incredibly lazy) among us: Steve Scrase, Tampa-based entrepreneur and CEO of the startup Glovin Life, has figured out a way for ladies to masturbate without lifting a hand.
Enter the Glov, a bionic (fushia or purple) hand with a bracket, to which you can conveniently fasten your favorite vibrator or dildo. Then, all you’ve got to do is lay back, wiggle your middle three fingers (which control the toy’s rhythm and motion), and try to rid your mind of the unnerving image of getting finger-banged by Iron Man’s mysteriously animated mitt.
Scrase’s sex toy, which he humbly estimates is “the most innovative sex toy since the invention of the electric vibrator,” wants to transform female masturbation into a less taxing and more ergonomic experience. “Currently, every self-penetration device on the market requires the user to hold and operate it in an unnatural and straining way,” explains the company’s Indiegogo campaign page. “It requires the user to grip the device at its base, hold it at a 90-degree angle, and incorporate the whole arm in order to create the rhythmic, in-and-out motion.”
One can’t help but wonder how a man could develop such strong convictions against women’s old-school self-love routines (the phrase “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” comes to mind). And, doesn't the prospect of suiting up in neon rubber seem like it might diminish the appeal of the whole experience? There's also the fact that many women don’t even consider penetration by foreign objects a necessary precursor to self-induced climax.
However, if the Glov does sound like your silicon savior, you can help realize Scrase’s dreams (and your own) by contributing to the campaign here. If Glovin Life reaches its $38,000 goal by September 25, 2014, you’ll be rewarded with a perk commensurate with your donation. But, if it never gets made, you can still console yourself — the old-fashioned way.

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