Lauren Conrad Has Some Advice For Her 18-Year-Old Self

lauren-conrad-2008-embedPhoto: REX USA/Stewart Cook.
If Seinfeld was a show about nothing, Laguna Beach was a gaping void of ennui. Genius story editors managed to craft narratives out of what was surely hours upon on hours of boring footage of high schoolers doing almost nothing at all. I would love to calculate exactly how much of the show is just two people staring blankly at each other over a table; the camera shifting back and forth between their equally impassive faces.
Yet, I couldn't look away then, and I still can't look away from the reruns MTV airs every morning. It's been 10 years since Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County introduced us to Lauren Conrad and her tan, blonde friends. L.C. has since parlayed her reality fame into a lifestyle empire. Back in the day, however, she was a high schooler whose questionable decisions about boys and friends made us want to shout at our screens in frustration.
laguna-beach-widePhoto: Courtesy of MTV.
For the tenth anniversary of the show that made her a household name, Lauren Conrad offered advice to her 18-year-old self on her extremely popular blog. These are the three things she wishes she could go back in time and communicate to a young L.C.:

1. Wear sunscreen!
2. Enjoy being young.
3. Be an individual.

Now, if only we could build a time machine, and send Lauren back to film Laguna: Revisited. In this alternate reality, she's a pale skater chick who really took 2003 Avril Lavigne's whole ethos entirely to heart. This time around, when she leaves home to move to San Francisco for college, it sticks. She goes on to become a Silicon Valley titan who gets in on the ground floor when Pinterest launches. What-If Lauren Conrad is now an editor-at-large for Wired, and she sits on the board of Apple, LearnVest, and Yahoo. And, she is happily married to Trey. (Us Weekly)

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