Daniel Radcliffe’s Least Favorite Harry Potter Film Is…

potter1Photo: REX USA/AGF s.r.l./Rex.
Daniel Radcliffe is his own worst critic. The Harry Potter star recently admitted to The Daily Mail that watching himself as the boy wizard can be quite excruciating. One installment of the super successful franchise is particularly tough.
According to Radcliffe, his performance in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince is his least favorite of the eight. "I'm just not very good in it," he said. "I hate it."
While the millions of Potter fans worldwide would likely disagree with Radcliffe, it's easy to see why revisiting the films that made him famous might make the actor cringe. Most of us would do the same if forced to watch our awkward selves in old home movies. That's essentially what the Potter films are for Radcliffe: very, very expensive home movies.
“My acting is very one-note and I can see I got complacent and what I was trying to do just didn’t come across,” he said of his performance in the sixth film.
Radcliffe's favorite of the franchise is Order of The Phoenix, because, according to the star, he noticed he was getting better as an actor.
Lately, Radcliffe has been coming into his own post-Potter, with a slew of challenging roles in films like Kill Your Darlings, Horns, and What If.
Though Radcliffe may not like watching himself onscreen, one thing is clear: audiences most certainly do. (The Daily Mail)

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