Taylor Swift “Pretends” To Be A Nerd, Is A Little Too Convincing

2Photo: BEImages/Gregory Pace.
For anyone who feels frustrated when they see pictures of Taylor Swift leaving the gym, this one's for you.
The singer is set to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. What that really means is she'll be a special guest on Fallon's "Ew!" series, in which the host plays a teenage girl named Sara. In preparation for this groundbreaking role, Swift released a homemade promotional video in which she plays Sara's friend, Natalie.
Using a vaguely Midwestern accent, glasses, and some fake braces, Natalie is a geeky teen who can't wait to roll her eyes at stepdad Gary. You know, the type of guest with whom Sara can judge things with a resounding "Ew!" or "Cute!"
The joke here is obviously supposed to be that Swift isn't a nerd at all, and isn't it hilarious when she pretends she's not cool? Except, I have a sneaking suspicion the Natalie version of Swift is who she actually is — a dorky cat owner who may or may not have been a Mathlete. Ahead, witness Taylor Swift's transformation into nerd-dom. (People)

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