Your New Dream Job: Sex-Toy Tester

Via YouTube.
After watching the video above, one question comes to mind: When she was a child, what did Cara Houiellebecq want to be when she grew up? While her current professional-sex-toy-tester gig is only part-time, Houiellebecq knows just what to say to people who might not get her career choice: "Why not do this?" Few would complain about taking their work home with them if their work was test-driving thousands of vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys. Which leads us to one of the key aspects of Cara's line of work: Companies seeking her professional opinion send their products straight to her door, which is pretty close to that merger between Adam & Eve and Seamless that we've been dreaming about.
Cara proves herself a grounded, curious woman — one who just happens to have a collection of 2,000 sex toys. How does her work fit into her personal life? Cara explains that her partner doesn't mind; in fact, they both view toys as an addition to their sex lives, and not a replacement for anything.
While your nine-to-five job might not give you 15 orgasms per day, don't get too lost in jealousy. Sure, the toys Cara shows off in the video look harmless enough, but we all know what can happen if you aren't careful.