Is This The Secret To Wrinkle-Free Skin?

There seem to be a lot of crazy-looking beauty products on the market nowadays that promise to work wonders on our skin. Whether they're actually effective, though, is always up for debate. But, xoVain has the scoop on a pillow that looks like it was beamed down from aliens. The claim? It will keep you more wrinkle-free than your satin pillowcase.
The item in question is called the JuveRest pillow, and it looks like a foam rectangle with crop circles. There's a spot to rest your head and grooves to fit your shoulders, plus gentle slopes on the side in case you swivel in your sleep. It's meant to keep you lying on your back all night, which will stop you from smashing your face against a rough, cotton pillow — which is public enemy No. 1 when it comes to keeping your face wrinkle-free.
But, does it work? Head over to xoVain to get the scoop. Perhaps it's time you took a vacation from your typical pillows... (xoVain)

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