Meet Fly, Here To Make Sure Your Vines Are The Coolest

Snapchat, Vine, the fact that YouTube stars are more famous that TV stars — making video quickly and with ease is rapidly becoming the new form of communication. But, to make sure you aren't all, "Broom broom," one new app allows you to edit beautiful, professional videos without requiring you to ever know what Final Cut is.
Meet Fly. We had so much fun playing with it, we made a video explaining what it was using the nifty little app, which is free and available in the iTunes store. It's a streamlined tool that allows you to easily film and assemble video using multiple cuts all from your iPhone. It supports gesture control (swipe quickly between cuts for a fast transition; swipe slowly for a nice dissolve), as well as side-by-side and picture-in-picture capabilities. Basically, you can stitch your cow trombone sessions into beautifully edited vignettes.
As an awesome extra feature, you can also sync multiple phones' videos together, so you can easily shoot from different angles — which means that any amateur filming you are doing suddenly gets all sorts of new perspective. Broom broom!

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