Chloë Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Are Adorably Dating

chloemoretz-brooklynbeckham-embedPhoto: REX USA/Erik Pendzich; REX USA/D. DaSilva/Rex.
When we were 17, our dating pool consisted primarily of people who went to our high school. Or, if we really wanted to expand our radius, people from nearby schools. In other words: If we didn't lock eyes with someone over a flaming Bunsen burner in chem lab, maybe there would be a football game where a friend of a friend would catch our attention.
Things are a little different when you're a teenage celebrity, though. According to Us Weekly, actress Chloë Grace Moretz, 17, is dating Brooklyn Beckham, 15, aspiring model and eldest spawn of the Beckhams. Did the two first butt heads at a Model UN meet where she was Russia and he was China? Heck no; this is Hollywood. The two were introduced "through a mutual friend at SoulCycle in Santa Monica."
Since their spin-class connection flourished into something more, Moretz and Beckham, who have been photographed hanging out before, have "gone on a couple [of] dates" and "are seeing where it goes." Neither of them can drive, so they have to be escorted around if they want to spend time together. That part of this love story does feel surprisingly quaint; although Chloë and Brooklyn are probably in cars with privacy partitions, not their mother's Camry, which offers no chance of concealment whatsoever.
This may just be a summer romance, though, as Beckham recently returned to London for school. Moretz is busy as well. She's promoting her new movie, If I Stay, and will next film another YA adaptation The Fifth Wave.
Ah, young love. It hits you like a wave of nausea at the end of a particularly arduous spin class. Then, just as quickly as it began, your paramour is off to finishing school in England. It's a tale as old as time, really. Good luck, you crazy kids. (ONTD!)

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