How To Make Instagram Your New Dating Profile

EMBEDDEDglimpsePhoto Courtesy of Glimpse.
Everyone knows what kind of photos end up on Tinder — and what cringe-worthy conversations those photos end up sparking. They make for great stories, but rarely lead anywhere. Luckily, there's a new app designed not just to help you meet people, but to help you meet people you might actually enjoy talking to.
Glimpse connects people based on how they present themselves via Instagram. It uses any hashtags, locations, or events you've mentioned to find you someone to meet, chat with, and (dare we say?) date. So, you could find someone who uses #blessed as ironically and frequently as you do — or someone who uses it in all earnesty. You could also get in touch with that one other person who was at that basement concert in your hometown last New Year's. But, the idea is that Glimpse can help you find people who have multiple things in common with you, unlike apps (like Tinder) that make their "matches" based on only one location. Glimpse provides immediate small-talk fodder with your potential date — because you both posted #foodporn from the same brunch place.
Don't worry, though: Not just anyone can strike up a conversation with you because you've both been to Vegas. Like other social and dating apps, each person who wants to chat about one of your photos needs your approval. Then, you two can talk about your favorite filters to your hearts' content.
With Glimpse officially launching tomorrow, maybe a new, less-superficial kind of online dating is on its way. Instead of worrying that the lighting in your profile pictures will drive potential soulmates away, you can spend your time showing your interests and your adventures for what they are — and what they say about you. That being said, it might not be the worst idea to double-check what questionable #TBT photos you've put up lately.

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