Meet S.F.’s Most Stunning New EIC

You know those hefty quarterlies that specialize in life-envy inducing content ranging from curated dinner parties to remote travel? Those page-turners that double as table art? It's difficult to read one without trying to imagine what fashionable creature possibly dreamt it up.
So, when we came across the artisanal glossy Lone Wolf, we could have sworn the beautiful pub started square in the middle of some style capital (Milan, maybe? Mykonos?) — so we were a little shocked to learn it’s based right here in S.F. Immediately, we tapped founder and editor-in-chief Natalia Borecka to give us the lowdown on Lone Wolf (which you should be seeking out an issue of right now). From inside her SoMa HQ-slash-home, we thumbed through Borecka's creation while grilling the go-getter for her style tips and beauty tricks. The busy gal is a hustler, running the magazine from the ground up, so naturally she gets ready on the go. Keep reading, we're holding a spot for you in the wolf pack.