Katy Perry’s New Video Is All Style, No Substance

Maybe I am just not Katy Perry's intended audience. And, that is totally okay, because there are hordes of people out there who delight in her Cali-soaked version of pop, and she clearly brings joy to the masses. But, what is she? Is she just "Katy From The Block," giving us props for making horrible fiscal decisions? Or, is she "Fashion Katy," who references Maserati and vintage Chanel? She is, most likely, both, the one that both big ups the labels she enjoys and also pays service to the kids who buy her albums. Perry is, after all, the people's pop princess. But, in all that, she is just an amalgam of references, subcultures, and styles — and maybe questionable amounts of substance.
What she serves up, however, in "This Is How We Do" is certainly wrapped in a pretty package. The brightly colored, pop-art-through-a-2014-lens video is impeccably edited and styled, and Katy's asymmetrical bob is a look she needs to adopt. Some of the video feels like she reached into a big ol' bucket of "urban street culture," took an armful of references, threw them at a wall, and proclaimed "Oh! Pretty colors!" But, at least it is impeccably art directed.
Also, nice Pee-Wee references, guys.

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