Martha Stewart Teams Up With Fashion’s Sleaziest

Martha Stewart, even at 72, is still a wild card. First it was prison, then it was online dating. Now, she's hanging out with fashion's most controversial: Terry Richardson. In an unlikely alliance, the infamous photographer shot Stewart in her peony-filled, picture-perfect home in Bedford, New York for the latest issue of Porter magazine. We know what you're wondering. No, there are no nude shots set amongst the flower beds.
Turns out the queen of domesticity was the one who insisted Richardson shoot her (overlooking a long list of notable photogs). It confirms what we've known all along. She doesn't care what we all think. Controversy — like a Burberry trench — works for her. In an extensive profile, she dishes on giving Blake Lively advice preceding the launch of her new lifestyle site, Preserve ("They came round for Easter lunch with her entire family"), and briefly mentions watching Orange Is The New Black and meeting the real Piper Kerman. "I feel so sorry for all of them in prison. The system lets them down. It's hideous. I would eradicate most of it." Of course, her press team quickly shut the topic down after that and got back to more proper talking points — like her fountain-of-youth skin secrets. Click through for selects of Stewart looking barely 40 and read the whole interview in Porter , on stands now. We're just wondering if there may be more in the works between Stewart and bad-boy Richardson. Her thoughts on him? "Oh, he's cute." Even an adorable puppy pillow can't make that okay.