Dita Von Teese Makes The Sexiest Maternity Bra Of All Time

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Destination Maternity.
Dita Von Teese. Vintage style icon. Beauty entrepeneur. Uncontested master of the red lip. And, now, hero to hot moms everywhere.
People reports that the burlesque star has paired with Destination Maternity to create a lingerie line for new moms who have no intention of wearing Band-Aid-colored nursing bras anytime soon.
Called Von Follies by Dita Von Teese (like her non-mom lingerie line), this limited edition capsule collection not only features high-waisted, postpartum shaper undies in black lace, but also a selection of vintage-style, demi-cup nursing bras that are definitely the sexiest thing that will ever be covered in baby sputum.
The collection is available to shop now, and is priced between $30 and $49, which is perfect, because you do not even want to think about what college will cost in the year 2032.
Wear them in good health, new moms — and yes, you have our permission to revel in a moment of smugness at the jealousy your sexy underthings will elicit in non-nursing pals. (People)