BANKS Returns To Form With "Beggin For A Thread"

Not a month goes by without some new single from everyone's favorite artist-to-watch BANKS. At this point, she's released eight of the 14 tracks (18 if you're a complete and total fangirl like me) off her forthcoming debut album, Goddess. (You'd think she's trying to avoid the whole album leaking by putting it out in dribs and drabs.)
Until this point, everything has been stellar — seriously, some grade-A material. "Waiting Game" and "Brain" solidified her as the slow-burn, PBR&B star who could give The Weeknd a run for his money. "Drowning" brought color into her grainy, black-and-white aesthetic. Then she released "Beggin For A Thread," and something That is, until the video came out.
Aurally, "Beggin For A Thread" is BANKS' most upbeat song. Though she continues to play the vindictive femme fatale, the delivery is less aggressive and, for the first time, danceable. (Her other singles are perfect for those writhing-around/cat-crawling moments in life.) The video, however, proves that, even when upbeat, BANKS' coy sexual prowess shines through.

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