We Almost Lost Zac Efron (And We Didn't Even Know)

Photo: Duncan Gaudin/NBC.
What were you doing last night? I was sitting on the edge of my couch, worried we might lose a national treasure. That's right: Zac Efron's episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls finally aired on NBC. I was so excited to see Zac take on the great outdoors with the famed survivalist that I watched it live.
Well, sort of live. I was simultaneously eating dinner, so I had to watch on a 10-second DVR delay. It was the only way to avoid any "I don't think it's a rabbit, but let's eviscerate it anyway" moments that would potentially put me off my meal. That exact event did, in fact, happen. It was a beaver.
At a certain point, though, my dinner went cold and uneaten. Bear Grylls was showing the national monuments known as Zac Efron's biceps no mercy. He had Zac perching precariously on the edge of cliffs. The duo ate worms, ferns, and eggshells. It was like an epic date on The Bachelor where the two completely clicked. Their bromantic weekend even involved some cave snuggling and Efron opening up about his time in rehab. Life-or-death situations can do that to a couple. Still, I think Bear would have offered Zac a rose at the end. Well, a fern.
In case you forgot to watch — or you did catch the episode but want to relive the magic of Zac and Bear's first vacation together — we've put together a handy scrapbook of the magical time they spent running wild. Get a cave already, you two.

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