The Best Celebrity Disguises From Comic-Con

Every year, the mecca of geekdom known as Comic-Con attracts some of the biggest names in Hollywood. While most of them attend as a contractual obligation for the movies they're hawking, one gets the impression that some celebrities get a real kick out of the weekend festivities.
And why wouldn't they?
Comic-Con has become the holy grail for the most passionate fans of film, television, animation, and comic books in the world. It's also become the ultimate fashion show for fanboys and girls, who use the event to dress up as their favorite fictional characters. And, their enthusiasm can be contagious.
In past years, celebrities have joined in on the extreme cosplay. Not only does it allow them to experience the pandemonium incognito, but they can embrace their inner geek while doing it.
Click through for our favorite examples of celebrities dressing up at Comic-Con.
Maisie Williams as Spider-Man & Guy Fawkes
Photo: REX USA/Dan Wooller/Rex
Bryan Cranston as Walter White
Simon Pegg as Boba Fett
Daniel Radcliffe as Spider-Man
Stephen Colbert in Hobbit garb
Audrina Patridge as Mystique
Jack Black as a Stormtrooper

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