Someone Called Channing Tatum Just A Pretty Face…To His Face

channing-tatum-embedPhoto: REX USA/Jonathan Hordle/Rex.
Channing Tatum is attractive. We can make more ridiculously obvious statements, but we'd rather get to the point. Yes, Chan (as his friends call him) is objectively handsome, but he's proven time and time again that he's not content to skate by on his Nicholas-Sparks-leading-man good looks. He did it in Magic Mike (and he's even writing the sequel himself) and 21 Jump Street. Point is: Channing Tatum isn't straight-up man candy anymore.
Some viewers remain unconvinced, though. Over the weekend, Tatum appeared at a Comic-Con panel for Book of Life. The animated film is being produced by creative mastermind Guillermo del Toro, so, you know, it's kind of a big deal. One would also expect everyone present, who had waited on the famously long line to get into the panel, was on board with the film and its chosen cast.
When it came time for questions, though, one lone wolf decided to express his discontent. "You're known for your good looks and your physicality. What is it about just your voice that you felt you could add to this movie?" Vulture reports him asking.
The question was phrased eloquently, and perhaps the man did not mean it in the "oh no he didn't" way the audience reaction suggested. Still, the general consensus was that someone had, indeed, asked Channing Tatum why he thinks he's more than just a pretty his actual face.

"Thanks, man," Tatum reportedly said, like a true diplomat whose talent had not just been drawn and quartered. "[T]hey told me that I was going to be able to have an amazing mustache in this movie, and I feel like my voice needs a mustache. That's it."
Director del Toro also stepped in to defend Channing's acting chops. "He has an incredible, very adorable vulnerability. I admire him, also. His stripper career is fantastic. I would have made more money if I'd charged to put my clothes on."
To sum things up: Channing Tatum is a good voice actor — especially for a mustachioed character — and Guillermo del Toro has a surprising secret wish to try stripping. Comic-Con really does produce the darndest soundbites. Also, it's not very nice to call someone a hunky side of beef to his face, no matter how fanciful your phrasing. Tsk tsk, that guy. (Vulture)

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