Is Kanye West Going To Pull A Beyoncé?

1kanyePhoto: REX USA/D. DaSilva/Rex.
Earlier this month, music news outlets reported that Kanye West had performed 20 new songs at a secret listening party in London. Now, sources say the rapper is planning to release a surprise overnight album. If that sounds familiar, it's because back in December, Beyoncé did just that, complete with 14 songs accompanied by 17 videos.
“Kanye has been working hard on the album for a lot of this year, but he’s known for cutting deadlines so it’s better if he can just put it out at the last minute," a source told Perez Hilton of the new album.
Back in January, Radar Online reported that Bey's sudden album release had left West feeling "defeated." Insiders claimed that it had been his idea to do a visual album first. Will releasing his own secret album be his revenge?
To recap: There's the possibility of a new Kanye album, sans promotion. Have your dreams finally come true? (Perez Hilton)

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