Watch Robin Thicke's Acting Debut Right Now. RIGHT. NOW.

There is little to say about what you're about to see except that you need to see it, immediately. Robin Thicke stars alongside Jaime Pressly in Making The Rules, a "romantic" "indie" "movie" about two ex-lovers who come together again and engage in an ill-fated affair.
You don't need to care about any of this. You just need to know that Robin Thicke is either a cinematic acting genius and is actually trying to deliver the creepiest, most awkward, soft-spoken performance ever captured on film (Jaime Pressly sure looks terrified throughout). Or, this is a really, really, ridiculously bad movie.
How did this happen? Listen, sometimes things just happen in life, and you can't control them. The Room happened, and now we all adore it as a legendary camp classic. Tiptoes happened, and Matthew McConaughey has an actual Oscar now.
But, Robin Thicke is not getting an Oscar. If Robin Thicke is allowed anywhere near a script after this, we need to call the police. If you see something, say something. But, first, watch this reel from Vulture of the most insane clips from Making The Rules, right this very second. (Vulture)

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