Cameron Diaz’s Movie Career Needs A Fix, Says Vulture

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Cameron Diaz has been an A-list star for quite some time. Yet, as Vulture's Kyle Buchanan points out, she can't seem to make a successful movie lately. Just look at her 13 most recent films for evidence — all of which received less than a 58% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Sure, we love Diaz, but why is she picking such bad roles?
Buchanan thinks the actress is using her unmatched celebrity as a crutch. It's true her star power is relatively unparalleled. But, he warns that if she continues on this career trajectory, one day we'll not be so forgiving. "If she keeps making bad movies, Hollywood will start losing interest in her long before audiences do," Buchanan warns.
Even if you disagree with Buchanan and genuinely like all the movies Diaz has been in, he does offer some solid ways she can get back to making the films we want to see. His first suggestion is to model her career path after Sandra Bullock, who shifted from rom-com leads to titles with more gravitas (think: The Blindside). Diaz should "take advantage of her appealing star persona and use it in the service of a more dramatic, emotional story that will connect with wider audiences," writes Buchanan, recommending she only take comedies with A-level collaborators. Though, to be fair, Jason Segel, her Sex Tape costar, is a successful comedic actor. So, that tactic isn't totally convincing.
However, Buchanan's other two suggestions may be worth considering. He says Diaz should think about doing a "memorable TV arc," something along the lines of an HBO appearance. More specifically, he doesn't understand why Diaz isn't lobbying for a spot on True Detective. A gig like that, he argues, would give her the "didn't-know-you-had-it-in-you jolt that would put her back on the map for hot film directors like David O. Russell." Finally, Buchanan says maybe Diaz ought to return to her indie roots. He pines for the '90s Cameron Diaz — the one who took smaller roles and worked with top-notch directors.
Regardless of how you feel about Buchanan's critique of Diaz's career, one thing's for sure: He's officially more on the ball than her agent. (Vulture)

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