Kim Kardashian Needs A Lesson In Gothic 101

The line between gothic and vampy is a slim one, but a line nonetheless. Kim Kardashian believes she posted a gothic picture of herself, but dear Kim K is mistaken.
The photo, which looks like an image some random Tumblr user photoshopped, was shared via on Instagram feed over the weekend. It shows a bemused Kim Kardashian staring at what must be something truly mesmerizing off in the distance. (Perhaps she was daydreaming about that golden toilet tower?) She sports a septum ring, purple-black hair, shadowy eye makeup, and black lipstick. The caption reads: [skull emoji] gothic keeks [skull emoji]. (For the record, I pride myself in knowing Internet-slang and "keeks" is new to me. I thought it was a video sharing site? Is there now a keek look? Is it a nickname? I don't keep up. Help!)
Many media sites and Instagram followers seem to believe that Kardashian pierced her septum but, like Rihanna, that is not the case. It's likely the result of a semi-skilled Photoshop user. And, Kim's definition of gothic is loose because beginner goths wear black. It is only after one achieves pro-level can they don white for their gothic aura will be apparent in every thing they do and breathe they take (lookin' at you, Amy Lee). Yes, Kim Kardashian's photoshopped visage has been given the trendy vamp treatment. But, black lipstick, however, does not a goth make.
Photo: via @kimkardashian.

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