Found: An Outfit That Works For Dates AND Interviews

Even though we consider ourselves pretty fashion savvy (yep, we do say so ourselves), there are certain occasions that still manage to leave us stumped. Music festival? Fine. Music festival where we might run into our old boss? Not so much. The beach? Excuse us while we choose a pair of jorts. The beach followed by a nice dinner? Hmm — how nice are we talking, here?
It can be challenging to transition from one activity to another drastically different one, which is why this woman deserves a serious slow-clap. She managed to find the perfect outfit to wear to a job interview — and then to a first date. Let's be clear: Job interviews and first dates are two of the most stressful events in the book. If finding an outfit for one is difficult, finding an outfit that's perfect for both feels impossible.
Our advice? First, layer up. It's amazing what the removal (or application) of a cardigan can do. Second, consider accessories. Even switching out your pearl studs for edgier spikes can make a big difference in terms of showcasing personal style. Finally, choose something comfortable that you simply feel great in. It's cheesy, we know, but confidence really is the most important thing — and if those heels give you blisters, let's just say the pain might show on your face.
Click on over to learn how one brave style maverick tackled this conundrum, and let us know if you have any other interview/date outfit ideas — we're listening. (The Huffington Post)

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