Cameron Diaz Takes On Sex Tapes & Mommy Bloggers

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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel tackle every position in the go-to manual of seventies screwing The Joy of Sex in Sex Tape, their new comedy about a couple who put some heat back in their marriage after a homemade porno tape accidentally goes viral.
Diaz isn’t afraid to take her clothes off on camera, offering fans a view of her 41-year-old butt. It sure as hell doesn’t look 41, but that’s no surprise if you know her New York Times bestseller, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, The Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body.
In fact, you'll lose weight just by reading the title.
Diaz spoke at a recent press event for Sex Tape about fake fornicating with Jason Segel, her "unplans" for having children, and mommy bloggers. Click thru to see what she said.
Let't talk about shooting the porno.
“We weren’t making an actual pornography tape. We weren’t having sex. It was movie magic. There’s a lot of angles that we took the time to make sure there were arms in certain places so you couldn’t see the modesty garment. For me and Jason to be walking around with each other naked, not really a professional situation, you know what I mean? Literally, we’d be like, ‘This is our job. We get paid for this. This situation right — this here is happening because it’s our job.’ There’s a completely different mindset. It’s not like, ‘Hey Jase, I have an idea! Wanna come over and film a sex tape?’ Then we might be naked.”
Speaking of making babies, you just said in an interview that you’re not having children.
“That’s not what I said. I said I haven’t had children thus far. The reason why I haven’t had kids so far is that I realize that when you have children it takes up a large part of your life. But I’m not opposed to children. As I’ve always said, and I will always say, I’m too tired. I’m totally open to having children in my life. But it’s another person out there going to have to have children. I’m not going to make this happen. I believe that children come in to your life if they’re meant to. And I have so many children in my life. I have three nieces and a nephew, I have all my friends’ kids who I’m really close to and I’m a part of their upbringing. I’m totally open to how that’s supposed to happen — if I adopt, if I’m in relationship with somebody who has children, if I win them in a lottery, whatever it is, if I get a raffle ticket and it happens...blah, blah.”
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What do you think of mommy bloggers like your character in the movie?
“I think it’s great. I think it’s a brave thing to do, you’re putting a part of yourself out there in the world. As Annie, my character, sees, the contents of the experiences in her life [are] being bartered. She’s trying to see how much she can give and be authentic to herself and not be too risqué. There’s a lot of questions about how much you give when you’re giving of yourself and you also want to inform people.”
Do you think Annie is a failure as a mom?
“I don’t think of anything as a failure. I think of life as just a bunch of lessons. The failure is not taking the lesson and utilizing it and trying to make a better choice next time and growing and using all your experience. I don’t think of anything as a failure. I think of life as a blessing and an opportunity to keeping growing and doing better as much as you can. You don’t always. Sometimes you trip on the same crack you know that that’s there. But hopefully the third or forth and fifth time you step over it. I don’t think of anything as a failure.”

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