If Eva Mendes Marries Ryan Gosling, She Should Wear This

As far as we know, Eva Mendes has no plans to marry the man of our dreams. But, should a Gosling/Mendes shotgun wedding be in the works before the birth of the most genetically blessed baby in the world, we've found the bride a dress. Actually, Fantasy Dress Up did.
The Instragram account that sticks celebrity heads on high fashion paper-doll style has been a favorite of ours for the past few months. And, in honor of the couture collections that debuted last week, its handlers crafted some of the most promising celebrity-plus-runway collaborations.
They styled Fran Drescher in Versace — "It reminded us of her role in Beautician and the Beast," creators Richie Talboy and Lucas Lefler told us — and Helena Bonham Carter in a pink coat with a massive collar that's worthy of her wonderful wackiness. In our opinion, the matchmaking is pretty spot-on.
There are plenty of sartorial safe-players out there who might benefit from the duo's masterful pairings of runway and red carpet, but for now, click on for Talboy and Lefler's best recommendations from the Paris shows. And, Eva, no pressure to really tie the knot, but Chanel haute couture makes something you, Ryan, and the baby will love.

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