Drake Is About To Own The Internet — You’ve Been Warned

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If Drake has his way, we're going to be seeing a lot of him over the coming days, weeks, and maybe even months. The rapper is set to host the ESPYs tonight, and in true Drake fashion, he hasn't been shy about what he hopes to achieve.
“Our goal is obviously the night of the ESPYs to completely take over the Internet, for everything that we do to go viral and for people to enjoy days or weeks afterwards,” he told reporters. “We've been working hard, like I said, on the pre-tapes and on the monologue and on every aspect of the show just to make sure that it lives on past this night, which I can 100% guarantee it will.”
Those are big words from the rap star, but after hosting one of the most buzzed-about episodes of Saturday Night Live this past season, Drizzy might just have the chops to back them up.
Over the last few years, Drake has emerged as one of the world's most notorious sports fans, thanks to his close friendships with star athletes like Johnny Manziel and LeBron James, and his allegiance to teams like the Kentucky Wildcats and his hometown Toronto Raptors (for which he also serves as the global ambassador), making him a logical choice to host tonight's awards show.
After James' earth-shattering move to Cleveland last week, and Manziel's nonstop partying ways, the 27-year-old rapper should have ample material to work with. That he's best buds with his targets should make the proceedings all the more uncomfortable.
Hopefully Drake also has the good sense to skewer his own relationship with sports, which has become an eternal well of comedy thanks to this, this, and this.
Tonight is gonna be good. (LA Times)

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