Sofia Vergara's 42nd Birthday Was Sexy, Right?

If there was any doubt left about Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello's rumored relationship, the actress all but confirmed it on Friday. Vergara partied with Manganiello, family, and friends to celebrate her 42nd birthday. Because, as we learned this week thanks to Esquire writer Tom Junod, publicly celebrating your 42nd birthday is now totally allowed, as long as you're hot.
The crew spent the night out at Nobu in Malibu. And, thanks to an Instagram from Vergara's family, we can live vicariously through them. And, also feel really hungry for expensive sushi.
And, according to Junod, wanting to live vicariously through Vergara is A-OK, despite her advanced age. Previously, 42-year-old women were considered too decrepit to be desirable. Now, however, "in a society in which the median age keeps advancing, we have no choice but to keep redefining youth. Life lasts longer; so does beauty, fertility, and sex. And yet forty-two-year-old women are not enjoying some kind of scientific triumph but rather one of political and personal will."
So, we're allowed to look at Vergara's beauty, body, and career, and want them all. Though Junod may be right about the shifting definitions of "youth," it's hard to imagine a period in time — regardless of social stigmas — in which the Modern Family star wouldn't have been considered queen of the saucepots. (People)

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