Let Jared Leto Hug The Pain Away

Is Jared Leto the new Ryan Gosling? A new meme that's spreading across the web like wildfire suggests that yes, yes he is. Last weekend the newly minted Oscar winner Instagrammed a photo of himself wrapped around a tree, giving new and literal meaning to the term tree-hugger.
Without missing a beat, the Internet has taken Leto's PDA and turned it into the hottest meme of the year. In fact, "Jared Leto Hugging Things" might rival any of the viral ephemera that turned Gosling into the poster boy for, well, viral ephemera.
Now that Gosling is going to be a father, it might be time we found a new celebrity to immortalize on Tumblr. Leto's combination of digital know-how and obvious self-awareness make him the perfect canvas for our warped imaginations. So, without further ado, we give you the best of Jared Leto hugging things. Happy Friday!

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