Can You Believe North West Doesn’t Like Pink?

North West, she of the ordinal direction name and pierced-ear controversy, also has a well-honed fashion sense. She also just turned one. Her mother, Kim Kardashian West, told Elle that her pint-sized sartorialist definitely gravitates toward certain colors. She also does not do patterns, despite the fact that her object permanence abilities are still solidifying.
"North doesn't really like pink. Like, she's very neutral...she doesn't like prints. She hasn't liked it for her whole life," Kim says. Her whole life, of course, spans just over one year. But, when you're not a print person, you just know. As Lady Gaga once said, baby, you were born this way. Who knew she was talking to an actual baby?
Kim's sister Khloé immediately chimed in to clear up any rumors about a one-year-old's thoroughly defined fashion sense. "Kim and Kanye determine, and that's what parents do." Kourtney Kardashian, also present, added, "Kim and Kanye don't like pink or prints." So, maybe North wasn't born that way. When will her tyrannical parents stop telling her what to do? The wounds of infancy take years to heal.
Luckily, Kim was able to clarify even more: "North is a princess girly, but in creams. Like a cream textured princess." Khloé begged to differ: "I would never define North as princess-y...She's like badass. Like, 'I'm North.' She's very confident in who she is...she bosses people around." Thank the gods of Westeros we cleared that up. You may now continue with your Friday, hopefully as a badass, cream-textured princess. (E! Online)

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