A New Sex Toy Lets You Film Your Vagina While You Play

“It’s the world’s [most] unique, fun massager,” boasts sex boutique Rimba’s promo video for China-based company Svakom’s new vibrator, which comes equipped with a handy, built-in camera. Because, who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to combine masturbation with an endoscopic exploration of one’s vagina?
The “Gaga,” as this device is named, is “designed for women’s health care,” allowing you to “step into your gynecologist’s shoes” as you pleasure yourself. Not exactly the sort of role-playing we usually fantasize about during a solo run, but there is something to be said for seeing the exact location of your G-spot.
For those of you in long-distance relationships, the Gaga can be controlled remotely via a wireless app. Plus, it allows your partner to get a close-up look at what he or she is missing — although the footage, which is probably more reminiscent of a colonoscopy or The Miracle of Life than amateur porn, may not be as arousing as the manufacturers posit.
Still not quite convinced you need a Gaga in your life? Unlike normal vibrators, where you have to constantly press buttons to alternate frequencies, the Gaga possesses an “intelligent mode” that imitates the “complete sex process from prelude to…the last caress.” Tempting, if difficult to believe. But, wait, there’s more: It also comes with a USB charger cable, so you can plug the vibe into your laptop and compile your very own highlight reel.
Click through to see the Gaga in action.
While we’d rather not end up in an Orange is the New Black scenario (using borrowed compacts to acquaint ourselves with our various holes), we're all for vagina education in general. Still, the whole scientific-exploration thing just might diminish the experience's sex appeal. (Gaga and Teddy Love are close competitors for the title of “Least Sexy Sex Toy,” in this writer's humble opinion.) Even if you have no desire to see your lady parts in their full glory, we thoroughly recommend checking out the video above. It’s sort of like listening to a sex-toy sales pitch by one of the Sims.
If you would like to boldly go where only gynos have gone before, this wunder-vibe is now available for $180 — a fairly reasonable price, considering its many talents.

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