Maisie Williams Is Too Badass To Play Your Romantic Lead

rexusa_2144909dPhoto: Tom Nicholson/Rex USA.
Many people have trouble separating Maisie Williams from Arya Stark. And, after the actor's video interview with HuffPost Live, we're getting the feeling she doesn't want us to think of her any other way. When asked by HuffPost if she ever sees herself playing a "normal teenager," since her character on Game of Thrones has gotten so perfect dark, Williams quickly shut the idea down.
"I'll never play the normal teenager," she answered. "I hope I'd be playing these badass, strong female characters for a long time because that's what I enjoy." As it turns out, we quite enjoy her as the badass, too. "I'm never really going to be the romantic lead because that's just not really who I am," Williams told HuffPost. It's a big decision for the 17-year-old — and for any actor, really — to say they'll never play a certain role. But, Williams' film debut in Heatstroke indicates she's keeping her word. So, while Arya Stark may not be forever, her essence lives on in any character Williams picks up.

Click through to see her video interview. Warning: she does the entire thing with a lost voice from raving too hard at Glastonbury, which makes her sound quite sweet, despite her too-cool-for-school quotes.

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