Kirsten Dunst: "Obviously I'm A Feminist"

Forget all that regressive stuff Kirsten Dunst said about needing "a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman." In the new issue of Flaunt, the Two Faces of January actress said her controversial comments in Harper's Bazaar UK were misconstrued.
“I was talking about my mother — obviously I’m a feminist,” the actress told Flaunt with a laugh. "It’s ridiculous that anyone would think other of me."
Unfortunately, the 32-year-old cover star for Flaunt's Selfie Issue didn't clarify her position on gender roles. She also didn't elaborate on her comments in W about how certain actresses might court the attention of sex-crazed casting directors.
To be fair, Dunst doesn't necessarily owe anyone an explanation, but she's clearly not oblivious to the fact that her comments have been regarded as disappointing and even dumb by blogs like Jezebel. Rather than take the opportunity to set the record straight, she lets the criticism wash over her.
"Of course things are written about you," she told the magazine. "You don’t have any control over that, that’s fine — it’s part of being an actor."
1flauntPhoto: Courtesy Jason hetherington/Flaunt.
If you're looking for more of Dunst's so-called feminist credentials, you'll find them in her thoughts on Hollywood's portrayal of women.
“There are great female roles out there, [but] there’s only so much out there for all of us," she said. "Everyone has to audition when it comes to certain parts, and women have to the most. I still think it’s a boys’ club in a lot of ways. And to be a strong female in this industry, you have to be really in touch with your masculine side, too. You have to be a pretty strong lady to survive it. You have to be very confident in yourself."
According to Dunst, directors like Sofia Coppola, Pedro Almódovar, and Lars von Trier are the only ones writing films for women. The controversial von Trier, who directed Dunst in her award-winning role in Melancholia, received special praise from the actress.
“Lars makes movies about complicated and dark women — the more interesting aspects of femininity, and the relationships between women and sexuality," Dunst explained. "You don’t really have that experience with anyone else but him. And I love that everyone says that he’s a tyrant or he puts women through miserable things. He’s the only one giving us an opportunity to be crazy and do things that are real but nobody writes about.” (Flaunt)

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