Taylor Swift’s “Family” Portrait Is A Mystery For The Insta-Age

Alright folks, it's time to put on your Nancy Drew caps, because something is going on in Taylor Swift's life that needs to be solved. For reasons unbeknownst to even the most dedicated of Swifties, the "22" singer adopted a family of pretty kick-ass women this weekend.
But, how?! Who knows, dear wonderer. Who knows. All that is known is what's shown in this cryptic Instagram: dim lighting, plush furniture, Pottery Barn vibes, and one middle-finger, care of Miss Lena Dunham (how punk). Ingrid Michaelson, Jaime King, Jessica Szohr, and Emma Stone (!!!) all surround the country-pop star, too.
Is this some sort of HBO Girls party? Are those Taylor Swift cameo rumors finally coming true? What's Emma Stone got to do with it? What doesn't Emma Stone got to do with it? Why is Emma Stone lingering off to the side, giggling at the girls giggling at the camera? Is this real life? Can they even?
Yes. Yes, they can.
The rest of us, however, simply cannot. There are just too many possibilities as to what's going on here. Surely, something sensational had to happen, right? Maybe?
Or, you know, perhaps this was just a girls night because celebrity doesn't mean missing out on girls night. Girls night is just a lil' bit more, erm...star studded.
Photo: via @taylorswift.

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