The IKEA Hack We're Obsessed With

billy_embedPhoto: Courtesy of IKEA.
The Billy bookcase is to home what the white T-shirt is to fashion. Consistent. You can dress it up (paint it) as much as you want, or keep it casual and bare bones, and it always works. Even so, a staple's good lines can always be improved upon. And, this August, the classic shelving unit is getting a makeover.
The new features include: stronger shelves (no more bending under weight of old Moby Dick); rounded corners (kid friendliness, ahoy); fewer visible drill holes; and more customizing options, like glass shelves for displaying your favorite keepsakes.
Speaking of, that's our favorite aspect of the shelf — making it your own. There are a lot of hacks out there, but this makeover by newbie Theodore Leaf made us do a double take. His crown-molding accented armoire looks like a $3,000 TV console, not three $59.99 IKEA pieces. Mark your calendar for next month, when the new model arrives, and read on for Leaf's easy-to-follow directions. If you already have a Billy at home, allow us to remind you of the long weekend coming up.

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