Kim Kardashian's New App Is Surprisingly Meta, Addictive

Really, it was just a matter of time before Kim Kardashian released an app — especially now that she's married to multi-media, multi-platform, multi-branding champion Kanye West. Well, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is officially available on iTunes and Google Play, and we must confess the game took us by surprise.
The goal of the game is to become famous. Sounds familiar, right? While we know that Kim is a bonafide celebrity (argue all you want, but that is a factually true statement), we weren't prepared for her to be so upfront about the various machinations a lowly shop assistant would undertake to achieve similar tabloid notoriety.
There's no mention of a sex tape — this is a far less tawdry route to fame — but your avatar does get to interact with Kim herself. In an extreme bit of navel-gazing, K.K. enters the scene as your character's fairy godmother, who's arrived to help you achieve fame and fortune. Then, as your virtual mover-and-shaker travels deeper and deeper into the world of paparazzi and swanky parties, the goal is to collect as much money as possible by paying compliments to the right people, changing outfits, and taking increasingly fancier modes of transportation.
Now, would we say that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood actually contains helpful lessons about the importance of savings? No. Nor is it winning any awards for helping players learn how to spell. You're in Kardashian land now; if something *kan* be spelled with a "k," it will be. Still, Kim's game reveals a lot more behind-the-scenes information that Kris Jenner may have wanted her to keep *konfidential* about how to turn into a household name. (Fashionista)

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