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Lorde’s Pre-Show Prep Involves Berries, Stretching, & A Heaving Stomach

1lordePhoto: REX USA/Joe Okpako/Rex.
As far as backstage rock-star antics go, Lorde's are pretty tame. So tame, in fact, that they sound oddly reminiscent of something your grandma might get up to at her senior-citizen residence.
The New Zealand singer is one of several performers — including Tinie Tempah, Kelis, and actress Juliet Stevenson — to reveal their pre- and post-gig rituals in today's Guardian Weekend. While Tinie Tempah isn't opposed to a cheeky vodka cranberry before a show, Lorde is more likely to be found napping or nibbling on berries.
"Usually before a gig I have a sleep in my dressing room under a blanket I take everywhere with me," the 17-year-old shared. "I eat some berries or some dried nori (which I get all over my face) in place of dinner, because a couple of hours before the performance, my stomach starts heaving and I feel like I'm going to throw up — even when I'm not that nervous. It's the weirdest thing."
Donning her signature suit is also crucial ("Once I've got my suit on, I can do anything"), as is joining her band to "get in the zone." And then there's the stretching.
"I do lots of stretching, because when I perform my limbs fly all over the place," she said. "The boys laugh at me lunging across the room."
And, yes, there is a method to this madness. "I'm a very physical performer," Lorde explained. "I fill space with the movement of my hands, my arms, my head, my stance, and that all helps communicate what I'm talking about."
With two Grammys under her belt, she can do whatever she wants. Like, maybe releasing a workout video? (Guardian)

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