Lady Gaga's Offensive Terry Richardson Video Was A Horrible Idea

gaga0Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music Group.
Back in January, Lady Gaga issued a statement asking for her fans' forgiveness. Her ARTPOP album sales were less-than-stellar and the much-hyped video for "Do What U Want" was still in limbo. She explained how betrayed she felt by her management, and, due to a small production window, the video had been postponed. Today, Page Six reports a different story.
According to sources close to the column, Gaga scrapped the Terry Richardson-directed video all together due to scandals involving both the photographer and R. Kelly (who was originally featured on the album track), and its sexually offensive nature. (Gaga re-released a version of "Do What U Want" the week before her open letter with Christina Aguilera filling in for R. Kelly.)
At the time the video was slated for release, Richardson was under scrutiny after yet another sexual-assault allegation, and the Village Voice published a story documenting the dozens of sexual-assault suits against R. Kelly in the '90s. Gaga's video, according to the Page Six's source, was, with all its graphic imagery and the scandals surrounding those involved, "an ad for rape."
TMZ has obtained a version of the video that matches the Page Six description. It features Lady Gaga on a medical table while Dr. Kelly tells her she will be able to walk again, post-fictional surgery, "if you let me do whatever I want with your body." He also adds: "I’m putting you under, and when you wake up, you’re going to be pregnant." There are no words.
Reps for both Gaga and Kelly have yet to respond. It was smart of Gaga to scrap the project, but it's a shame the idea was even conceived and executed. She might as well have had Dov Charney style the video. Seriously, Gaga, this is beyond a casual face palm. This is downright offensive. (Page Six)

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