Keeping Up With The Cyri (a.k.a. Miley Cyrus’ Family)

Today in Miley Cyrus Just Did Something news, she and little sister Noah posed — wait for it — in body-hugging outfits. They also had Instagram at the ready to humble brag about how equally tight their family is.
Quite frankly, the entire Cyrus clan dynamic is pretty stellar. It’s a wonder why a tribe as rooted in media and pop culture as they are hasn’t thought to make a show where we, the people, follow almost religiously. Each of Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus' children has such a distinctive personality — they could easily compete with the offspring of that other family America loves to keep up with. Catching Up With The Cyri has a nice ring to it, no? It could happen folks. Just you wait. In the meantime, here's a primer.

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