SPOR Is The Solar-Powered Battery Charger The World Has Been Waiting For

sporPhoto: Courtesy of Spor.
Is there a worse feeling on the planet than having low battery on your phone without immediate access to a charger? Well, yes, there is. But, as far as modern anxieties go, an almost-dead mobile device is pretty high on the list.
That's where SPOR comes in.
Created by Drexel University student David Hunt and his partner Jason Browne, SPOR is a solar-powered battery charger whose impressive functionality and clever design might make it the first breakout star in an already saturated market.
SPOR has capitalized on the fact that solar cells have become cheaper and more efficient in recent years. But, don't let its portability fool you. Despite measuring at a pocket-sized 8.2cm-by-8.2cm-by-2.4 cm, SPOR packs quite a powerful punch. It takes about 90 minutes to charge an iPhone and can charge up to two devices at once, thanks to a 5,300mAh battery and a monocrystalline solar panel.
SPOR also places far more importance on design than its predecessors, with a shell that can be customized by users, as long as said users have access to a 3D printer. If you're going to reduce energy consumption, you might as well do it in style.
At the time of writing, SPOR is still in the prototype stage, but a Kickstarter campaign has already raised 60% of the $100K goal. You can get in on the clean-energy revolution here.

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