Here Is Tyrion Lannister Hula-Hooping

If you haven't seen season 4 of Game of Thrones yet, just enjoy this photo and be on your way. Spoilers ahead.
You'd think that an actor playing a character whose fate is hanging in the balance might be a tad stressed. But, not Peter Dinklage. No, he's just chillin'. And, Hula-Hooping in the dark like a boss.
Ahead of tomorrow night's Thrones season finale, the man otherwise known as Tyrion Lannister indulged in some "party time" (according to his Instagram caption) with a glow-in-the-dark Hula-Hoop. Those hips don't lie, folks.
The actor had good reason to cut loose, having celebrated his 45th birthday on Thursday. It may not be quite as good as overcoming a death sentence for allegedly poisoning your bratty nephew, but it's still an occasion worth commemorating with, say, a few hip swivels.
If only there was still time to work a hooping scene into tomorrow's episode. Anachronistic? Potentially. But, it's such a shame to waste those skills.

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