Seth Rogen & James Franco Made A Kim Jong-Un Comedy

Okay, so the plot for Seth Rogen and James Franco's latest comedy is pretty far-fetched — unless you're Dennis Rodman, in which case, never mind. The Apabros are reuniting for The Interview, which sees them as a talk-show host (Franco) and producer (Rogen) setting out to interview, and then assassinate, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. As you do.
What the film lacks in plausibility it makes up for in great casting, specifically the addition of Lizzy Caplan. The Masters of Sex star plays a CIA operative who briefs Frogen on key details about Kim Jong-un: The despot tells his people that he can talk to dolphins but doesn't urinate or defecate. Are there libel suits in North Korea? Or, will we just all get nuked?
Watch the trailer below to get your first look at the political caper. The film, out October 10, was directed by Rogen and This Is The End collaborator Evan Goldberg. Keep your fingers crossed for Emma Watson and Channing Tatum cameos. (Coming Soon)

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